Monday, October 30, 2006

Who's Rockin' Around the X-mas Tree This Year?

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Can't we just let it be Halloween first? Must we move on to Christmas before the Thanksgiving turkeys have been slaughtered? Prepare yourself for the ouslaught of x-mas misery, because they've just announced the lineup for the "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" broadcast. This is the 74th year of lighting the famous tree.

Al Roker and Ann Curry from the Today Show will host the event, while performances from Christina Aguilera, Sting, Lionel Richie, Bette Midler, Sarah McLachlan, Eyna, John Legend, Martina McBride, and Taylor Hicks kick off the shopping, shoving, fighting, over-spending , in-law & family visiting, crowded mall, delayed traffic hellish season. I need a spiked eggnog now.

Son of John-Sean-Doesn't Live in a Dead Beatles' Shadow

The article I got this from, started out with this sentence: "Sean Lennon refuses to allow the achievements of his late father John Lennon and mother Yoko Ono to overshadow his own music career, because it was inevitable he would enter the 'family business'."

Before I go further with this topic , I must question the stability of the person who wrote this. Achievements? Yoko? I suppose marrying a cultural icon and posing naked with him on an album cover is an achievement of sorts, but I think the author was referring to musical sense.

Therefore, the integrity of the piece has spiraled downward considerably, and I must refuse to comment further.

Brad's Getting Too Political

Ever since Brad Pitt started things up with Angelina, he just won't seem to shut his yap. It's either about adopting third-world children, gay marriage, or his latest, anonymity on the set of his latest film, and the anti-American attitude overseas.

Alright, so the anonymity thing isn't that tragic. He was only saying that shooting the movie in the remote Moroccan desert was a relief; it finally made it possible to shed his celebrity status and be a normal person. The village they were in had no electricity, so they ran a line for the film, and he thought it was nice they production could leave the lights there afterward for the people who lived there. I can understand his desire for privacy. And it's great that helping people gives him such satisfaction. It's admirable.

But now he's also babbling about the anti-America is across the globe. A group of...get drunk Dutchmen...threatened to kill him because of his heritage. He almost ran over them with his little bike, and they called him a "fucking American" and said, "we'll fucking kill you." So now Bradley is terribly concerned with the way America is preceived in other countries. He says:
"I'd never come face to face with that before - that turn in the way we are preceived in other countries."
Ummm...I think that's been going on for a looonnnngggg time. It may have something to do with the image projected by hot blonde movie stars with fuck-me blue eyes and rock hard bodies who make zillions of dollars while the rest of the world starves.

If It Can't Last For These Two...There's No Help for the Rest!

Awww...can it really be true? One of Hollyweird's favorite couples is really splitting? A rep for Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe released the following statement to TMZ: "We are saddened to announce that Reese and Ryan have decided to formally seperate. They remain committed to their family and we ask that you please respect their privacy and the safety of their children at this time.

Reese has apparently already contacted the same celebrity high-power divorce lawyer who represented Jennifer Aniston, Rosanne, and Lisa Marie Presley.

They've always seemed like a really grounded couple, their family more important then their fame, but in a way it doesn't really suprise me. Reese has been earning oodles more than Ryan for a long time. And although with Crash and Flags of Our Fathers it seems his career has some new life, mama's making a whole lot more than him, and not too many guys can take that with grace. He succeeded for awhile.

The good news is that no divorce papers have been perhaps they'll work things out.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lindsay Lohan: Five Lives Down...Two to Go

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Lindsay Lohan talked in an exclusive interview with News of the World about drugs, men and her fight against deadly eating disorders. Lohan tells the magazine:
"It feels like I've lived five lifetimes, and I'm only 20. You have to hit rock bottom
sometimes to get yourself back to the top."
Lohan is frank about her weight issues as well, saying the years of punishing her frail body took it's toll:
"I lay there screaming, throwing things, because the pains were so intense in my
head and my liver. In the end I didn't even have the strength to take a
shower. It was terrifying, but going through shit makes me much stronger."
She says she's experimented with drugs "a little" to cope with anorexia, but when she "tried pot", she, "hated it."

She babbles some more about love and sex, and going to the hospital, and how her similarites with Angelina Jolie, and how she's not ready to settle down yet.

I don't think she's hit rock bottom quite yet. She's had co-stars bitching about her, grandma running to the press, Daddy publishing their dirty family laundry in a major newspaper, been kicked out of her apartment, among other disturbing things, too numerous to mention. I'm banking we'll hear a few more before rock bottom hits.

It's A Nice Day For A White Powder Wedding...

Supermodel Kate Moss and Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty have made it official. They are, in fact, engaged, and they are, in fact, getting married. The announcement was made at the Moet & Chandon party this weekend, where the two also serenaded each other in the karaoke room. Kate said:
"We are engaged."
While Pete added:
"We are getting married."
On the couple's gift wish list? Sterile needles, razor blades, and mirrors. Click here for more!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jessica Promises a Performance at Dollyweird

Make room at Dollywood for two big-breasted blondes. Dolly Parton is thrilled to have Jessica Simpson's promise to perform in her Pigeon Forge theme park. Dolly says she a huge Jessica fan, and is planning a blockbuster concert for her at Dollywood. She say's:

"Jessica is going to come up to Dollywood, and we're going to do something real soon."

According to Dolly, Jessica's talent is too often overlooked...just as she was when she was starting out. She says,
"All they see is this great-looking blonde girl, but she's got a great voice - and the heartache and pain to throw into the songs."

Well, if Jessica starts doing some real music, and ditches the pop fluff, I'll start listening. But Dolly seems to think they have similarities. For someone else Dolly is frightingly similar to, click here.

Kate Buys Baby Clothes

Kate Hudson raised eyebrows and speculation when she was spotted buying pink baby clothes at Los Angeles' Petit Tresor. She plunked down a cool fifteen hundred big ones for newborn clothes. A "source" says she bought 12 pieces, including a pink cuddle coat, green frog slippers and a designer leather bag.

Get the $&%# off my yard!

Brad Pitt is trying to get that message across to E!, after a producer and camerman allegedly walked onto his property in the Hollywood Hills last week. His rep confirms that charges have been filed against E!:
"Yes, we have filled tresspessing charges, and are exploring our legal options against both the crew that actually tresspessed and the network itself."
E!, of course, is denying they did anything wrong, but has made a statement that that they in no way condone or encourage such behavior.

Does Cameron Have Hyperhydrosis?

In these photos from Splash News, Cameron Diaz looks like she has a "Secret." Her antiperspirant doesn't work!

Bawlin' Barton

Mischa Barton was caught bawling in what appears to be a drive-thru, but who knows. Maybe Cisco dumped her ass or something. Photos from Allie's Wired.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Skid Marks in the Jolie-Pitt Laundry Room?

The cast of Babel was going through Moroccan misery with temps soaring near 112 degrees and only one indoor toilet, so Brad Pitt decided to lessen the tension by yanking up his pants to give himself a wedgie, while sticking his ass out and waddling around like a duck.
"You gotta find things to make you laugh during the shoot. Cate (Blanchett) called it the Hungry Bum...when your bum's so hungry it's trying to eat your pants."

I hope he bought Tide with him to the shoot...or at least an extra pair of Hanes.

Simpson Sisters in OK

Jessica and Ashlee always come off as rivals to me, but they did manage to cuddle up next to each other for an interview and photo with OK! magazine. They did the interview (an exclusive) in London, where Ashlee is starring in the musical Chicago. The Simpson Sibs talk about "being famous, future plans, and each other." About what she taught Ashlee about fame (huh?), Jessica says:
"You don't have to be what people tell you to be. It's been harder for me to learn that, because I've always been forced one way or the other. Ashlee has always had the freedom to be who she wanted to be."
Little sis had this to say about big sis:
"She's a fighter and she's always thinking on her toes. People knock her down and she gets back up."
Reading between the lines: Jessica has inner rage over being forced to perform and having Dirty Daddy Joe whore her out, while Ashlee got into it by choice. And Ashlee saying Jess thinks "on her toes?" With her toes, perhaps...but "on" is a stretch.

Clay Aitken on Gays-I mean-DAYS of Our Lives

Merry Christmas Clay fans! Clay is slated to have a guest appearance of the daytime soap on December 22nd. The episode will be taped soon - November 14th - and will feature Clay performing Everything I Have, a song from his new album. He will also have his version of O Holy Night" featured in the episode.

Is his career over or something? Is it an act of desperation? I thought he was doing pretty well for himself! Like sands through the hour glass...are these the final days of our Clay?

Kelly Goes Kountry

Kelly Clarkson paid homage to country music last night at CMT's Giants. The event was honoring Kelly's own idol, Reba McEntire. Kelly and Martina McBride also sang a duet together, which was dedicated to Reba. The event will air on CMT Saturday, November 18th. Photos from Just Jared.

She looks smashing as usual! I love that she's in to more than the pop scene...she has great diversity!

Sheryl Crow's Cuttin' Glass

And probably smashing mirriors with that face, too!

Lindsay? Paris? Tara? Pop Quiz!

Q: You see a picture of a young celebrity slumped in the back of a leather-clad interior of a car. She's three sheets to the wind, hair hanging limply over her face. She sitting in a rather vulgar position, and her underwear are peeking out from underneath her little skirt. Unfortunatley for this little lush, the paparazzi are watching and taking photos. Who was caught in this revealing position? (Photo below)

A) Paris Hilton
B) Tara Reid
C) Lindsay Lohan
D) None of the Above

Answer: D

So who's crotch was it? It looks like little newlywed Avril has joined the ranks of Hollyweird party hoochies. I bet her new ball-and-chain is thrilled to have a wifey with her crotch blogged 'round the world.

Separated at Birth?

I retract my statement in a previous post that J.Lo looks like Pennywise the Clown. I think that honor goes to Dolly now. Beep, beep, Richie!

Brooke Hogan's Whorish Album Cover

The Hulk needs to throw a blanket over her! I thought he was so protective of her! She looks like such a tramp. At least she's got the cool grill...

Did Snoop Smoke So Much Weed, He Forgot About 9/11?

I only ask that because I can't fathom why anyone would attempt to carry a weapon onto a flight at this point. Apparently, last month, Snoop was denied access to the plane when authorites found a 21 inch metal baton in his bag. He didn't receive any charges for this offense, however...

Yesterday he was arrested on charges of illegal drug possession and drug charges while parked in a loading zone at Bob Hope airport. Police found a gun and marijuana in the vehicle as a result of a search. He posted the $35,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on December 12th.

I bet his buzz has fizzled.

Is that Morticia or Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan at the Xbox Gears of War launch party in Hollyweird. Photos from Gabsmash.

K-Fed's Latest Acting Gig

Kevin Federline has managed to land another acting gig, right on the heels of his compelling performance on CSI. He'll star in the upcoming Caught on Tape, a hip-hop film. The movie is directed by rapper Sticky Fingaz, who says the movie is
"a hardcore musical - lots of violence, sex, action, drama, plus sentiment and romance as well. It's K-Fed's acting debut. He's really cool."
Yeah, he probably just wants Britney hanging around the set.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Heather Graham's New Look...

I think she's shooting for the spaced-out, unattractive feel. What happened to her? She used to be such a good-looking woman, and now her hair is always styled unflatteringly. Perhaps she's depressed...what with her show being cancelled and all.

She's at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Ashlee's Beautiful Boobies

Fed up with rumors that she had plastic surgery to enhance her cleavage, Ashlee Simpson sounded off to Britian's OK! magazine:
"You have to laugh because people make up the goofiest things. My boobs are beautiful! I'm not getting them done. I'm 22, they're up and high!
Ashlee also talked to the magazine about the giant bra she wears to play Roxie Hart in the Chicago production, and said it's like "four Wonderbras."

I linked this photo yesterday, but it fits the topic so well, I have to post it again.
The Celeb Dish has a great photo that'll show you another person who loves Ashlee's high, beautiful here to find out who....

Jessica's Cyber Search for Love!

We know Jessica Simpson is a little spaced...but cyber spaced? A "source" apparently told Britain's More magazine that after Jess split with John, she:
"set up a MySpace page to meet new people. She did it in a fake name but got really into it. She's totally addicted. Whenever she's at home, she's on her laptop."
Jessica is apparently spending much of her time flirting online. I hear she met someone too. A former Texas preacher named Joe, who whored two daughters out to the entertainment business to get filthy rich.

Naomi Cambell Latest Fit of Rage

Naomi Campbell is being questioned by police over the EIGHTH accusation of assault in nine years. Naomi's latest victim is allegedly her drug counsellor, who walked into a London police station with scratches all over her face that she claimed came from Naomi.

This woman has some anger issues! And no one's gonna want to help her sort through them after this! Look what this poor woman got for helping her! Sounds like a case for Dr. Phil!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Borat Arrives in Hollyweird

The stars came out in droves on Monday night for Borat, or the premiere of the movie starring the character played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Borat made his entrance in a horse-drawn limo, and sang his mother-country's national anthem. Sacha says the film has been very well-received in his home country, despite the disapproval from Kazakhstan.

The Prize for Winning Rock Star Supernova

Looks like winning Rock Star: Supernova paid off in more ways than one for Lukas Rossi. Lukas and Tommy were at an album release party for Frankie J when they were caught smooching.

This band has the worst luck already. First, they can't use the name Supernova, because another band already has the rights to the name. Then, Jason Newsted injures himself and has to skip out on touring. And now Tommy and Lukas are caught in a passionate embrace. Just what every rock band needs is a gay image.

What Did Jess Smoke Before This Interview?!!

In the same interview with Jane magazine in which Jessica Simpson said she knew the exact point that her marriage was over, Jessica defends her Dirty Daddy, Joe Simpson. Jane asked Jessica if she was bothered as much as the rest of the world about the famous "Double D's" comment made by Joe, and Jessica replied with this insight:
"No, I've had double-D's for a long time. Are you kidding? No. My family is extremely close. I talk to my mom about my sex life. That's not something that creeps me out."
She rationalized Dirty Daddy's comment with a simple:
"We're podunk southern."
Doesn't change the fact that he's your Dad, sweetheart! See the Celeb Dish for a fabulous picture of Dirty Daddy gaping at Ashlee's boobs!

Paris in Vogue

In bed with Paris Hilton? No need to advertise that on a magazine! The skirt she's wearing on the cover reminds me of the one we saw on Katie Holmes a few weeks ago!

Heard in Hollyweird

Donald Trump on Angelina Jolie.