Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jessica's New Ride

Jessica is a presenter tonight at the VMA's. Earlier this morning she beat out 70 celebrities, including Nick and 50 Cent for the winning key to a Chrysler Crossfire SRT8. Like she doesn't have enough money to go out and just buy a car. Give it to someone needy like myself!!!

The $520 Snack

It's offical. Someone has actually been so lame as to purchase a partially eaten sandwich that Britney Spears left behind at a restaurant for $520. Included in the bargin was a corn dog that Kevin Federline put his nasty old lips on. Britney took a bite out of Fed's weiner as well. It's a bonus item, I presume. Click here to see the fine items goldenpalacecasino purchased for $520.

You're Fired!

Even Trump's employee's aren't imune to that phrase! The Donald has canned his right-hand woman, Carolyn Kepcher , saying that TV and fame has gone to her head, as per a newspaper report. Carolyn had this to say:
"After 11 years with the Trump Organization, Donald and I had different visions for my future role in this company. Donald has been an extraordinary boss and a great mentor over the years, and I will always be grateful for the opportunities and experiences he has provided me."
Donald was not quite so chatty, and certainly had fewer positive comments to make about the former employee. Says he (via his rep):
"Mr. Trump wishes Carolyn the best."
An "insider" also referred to Carloyn as a "prima donna." For complete details on the firing, click here.

Quote of the Day: "I've Only Given Head to 3 People."

As you can see from the above photo, the quote of the day belongs to Paris Hilton. I think she may have forgotten to tack a few zero's on the end of that estimate. According to Paris, the first guy she went down on was her ex, Rick Solomon when she was 19. Yeah, I'm sure. Paris says that her mother was instrumental in keeping her away from the wicked stick. She says:
"My mom told me that you get those holes in your face, craters... from giving blow jobs. "I totally believed her. She's like, 'It's from sucking.' I'm like, 'Ewwww!' "I told my boyfriend - he's like, 'Why don't you ever do that?' I'm like, 'Because my mom told me you get these craters.' And he's like, 'Paris, you're 19. You're allowed to do this.' "I've only done that (fellatio) with maybe three people in my life."
Paris may not have a crater on her face, but there sure is a gaping hole between a pair of particular appendages!

Britney Baby Shopping

Look Up Your Daughters, the outfit reads. I don't really understand the saying, but that's probably more evidence she's having a girl!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finish Britney's Lunch

Would you pay $145 to buy an egg salad sandwich partially eaten by Britney Spears? With a bonus of a corn dog gnawed on by Kevin Federline? Someone is paying at least that much to purchase these items on Ebay! Apparantly, this gentleman works in a "fancy schmancy" downtown Seattle hotel, where he waited on Britney Spears. As of now, there is just over 17 hours left to bid. Hurry and get yours in!

Kirsten Dunst: September 2006 Vogue Covergirl!

Kirsten Dunst on the cover of Vogue...September 2006 issue.

A New Profession for Tom Cruise?

I found these photos on City Rag and thought they were hilarious!!

Bono Ogles

Bono on vacation in St. Tropez, France, drooling over girls young enough to be his daughters. Ugh. Doesn't he look like the dirty old men that hit on you in a bar? Or maybe I'm the only one who could be so lucky.

Jennifer Aniston Finally Shows Her Face...

She's been laying pretty low since making the announcement about Vince Vaughn and herself not being engaged, but here is Jennifer Aniston leaving a Santa Monica recording studio on Tuesday. A music studio? A tevelvision / movie recording studio? Hmmm...

Jessica Alba's Grandma Hose

Jessica Alba after getting a facial. Why is she wearing grandma dress pants stockings? The dress is alright. Why ruin the look?

Make Sure the Mike is Off!!

Ha, Ha...those of us in radio know the importance of this....always make sure your mike is off before you trash someone! Kyra Phillips, an anchor for CNN based out of Atlanta, left her mike on while in the bathroom during a speech by President Bush. She was talking to a lady in the bathroom about men and her husband and even called her sister-in-law a control freak! Someone at CNN finally was able to tell her that she was live on the air. Here's the whole story.

Jessica Simpson Silenced


Jessica Simpson lost her voice, but still had plenty of time to party at her album release party for A Public Affair in New York City yesterday. Earlier, she made an appearance on MTV's TRL. She started off the show in one outfit, and left in another. Both of which are horribly unattractive. She's also rumored to be dating John Mayer!!!

Gwen and Kingston at the U.S. Open

Gwen Stefani and her cute little son Kingston at the U.S. Open in NYC.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tara Reid Looking Cottage Cheesy

She's so nasty. Apparantly, she was wasted and had this little gem to share about the press: "Everyone hates you paparazzi but when you're nice, I don't hate you guys because you're nice to me. The day you're not nice I'm gonna fucking kick your ass." Have another cocktail. Ish.

Meredith Tunes Out The View!

Meredith Vieira no longer watches The View, now that she's replacing Katie Couric on the Today Show. She says she needs to think ahead, and that "the day after Star made her announcement, I watched. I feel very bad for everything that's happened and for everybody involved." She also made it point to mention that the show has taken a turn for the worse. Get this - she told Time Magazine that the show is now "hard to watch. It sort of became a joke." That's it, really, but if you want to read here.

A Virus Plagues Me Still

Hi All. I'm still having a huge problem with a virus or 3 that my computer got a couple of weeks ago. Currently, I'm only running in safe mode, so if picture size and stuff are a little off whack, sorry...everying looks HUGE on safe mode. I should be getting it fixed very soon, which is good, except for that I won't be able to blog while it's gone! But my parents will be in town anyways, so I probably would be taking some time off of blogging anyhow! Thanks for reading!

Tracey Gold at the Emmy's

Has Tracey Gold done anything in the past 15 years that would get her invited to the Emmy's? I don't really have anything against her....just wondering. Why this dress for the Emmy's? The color would be cute on a pair of casual pants, but I would not pick it for a special occasion dress. And the style just doesn't seem to work for her.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Charlie's Angels Reunite

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz hook up for a shopping trip in West Hollywood.

Heidi Klum Plays Around

Heidi Klum at the playground with her kids Leni and Henry. So cute!

Hilary Duff Hit the Mall

A girl should look happier than that after what looks to be a fabulous day of shopping!

Rachel Bilson & Man get ready for her 25th birthday.

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody go out for coffee and get ready for her 25th birthday! I'm not digging the tight-ankled 80's pants!

Brad and Angelina on the town

Brad Pitt and Angelina at an L.A. art gallery exhibit opening. She looks classy and put together!

Smutty Hillbilly Britney

She looks like she just got done doing the reverse cowgirl on K-Fraud in the bedroom!

J.Lo NOT With Child

J.Lo's rep has denied rumors that Jennifer is preggo. Jesse McCartney had the slip of the lip during an interview with an Atlanta radio station. For more on J.Lo's non-existant pregnancy, click here.

Finally Some Class!

Lindsay Lohan looking alert and sober for once. At stylist Rachel Zoe's birthday bash in L.A.

Steven Seagul's Got Da Blues.

Steve Seagal is promoting his new blues album. It's called Mojo Priest. I love the blues, and Steven Seagal is just not allowed to have the blues. I'm assuming it will be awful, but he's bragging that he's the best guitar player around. He says, "Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner - they're not even in my universe. You can't find another actor who can play guitar as good as me. It's the truth." the grammer of a bluesman, at least!

J-Lo Pregnant?

There's talk that Jennifer Lopez did not get fired from the movie version of Dallas. Durning an interview with an Atlanta radio station, Jesse McCartney apparantly let it slip, saying, "she didn't get fired, she's pregnant." Can't wait to find out for sure!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

2006 Emmy Red Carpet!!

Lisa Kudrow...boring,

Leah Remini. Looks like a prom dress.

Alfre Woodard from Desperate Housewives.

Virgina Madson. This would be pretty. But does the top look funky?

Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm getting bored of the beaded slip dress!

Debra Messing in a gorgeous dress. I love the flapper look!

Emmy Fashion 2006!!!

Eva Longoria...bad reputation or not, she is beautiful (with make-up on; see previous posts) and looks great in white!

Morgan Fairchild...Blah!

Calista Flockhart. I strongly dislike this dress, even though I've seen it referred to as a "best." Calista is starring in a new television series due out in fall called Brothers and Sisters. I just saw a preview today and it looks promising!

Portia De Rossi from one of my favorite TV shows, Arrested Development. She's wearing Zac Posen. I like color best, but it's cute.

Mariska Hargity: The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star in Carolina Herrera. She won in the drama category.

Paula Abdul in....something. It's horrid whatever it is.

Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer. It took me awhile to get used to the poof in the front, but I really love this one now.

Tyra Banks in Georges Chakra. Better look pretty when your show...if it's still crap.

Vanessa Minnillo from MTV. Not a fan of this one. Look a little like a circus costume.

Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy. This is hideous!

Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy in Escada. It's pretty, but probably not my taste!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was nominated for her show, The Old Adventures of New Christine. She's wearing Narciso Rodriguez.

Lost's Evangeline Lilly wearing Versace. Another beautiful dress...purple must be a theme color this year!

Could there be a more beautiful pregnant woman? Heidi Klum in a gown designed by her Project Runway co-hort Michael Kors.

Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo wearing John Galliano . I love it!

Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm was a nominee and couldn't come up with anything better than this???