Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Engaged

Tony Parker flew into Los Angeles after a game with his San Antonio Spurs and surprised Eva Longoria when she got off of work by proposing to her. Eva's publicist said the engagement was "romantic and perfect" and the couple plans to marry in France next summer. This will be the second wedding for Eva, who was married to Tyler Christopher of General Hospital for two years.

Sienna Gets Kinky

Sienna Miller was seen buying some interesting gifts for Jude Law, according to the British newspaper the Sun. Miller supposedly spent $550 on a set of leather handcuffs and a body harness. Nasty girl.

Jessica Biel in Black and White

Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter apparently spent a cozy weekend in Vegas together after Thanksgiving. Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi joined them for a night at Tyrst nightclub.

I still can't believe she's dating a Yankee. Go Twins!

Nice Outfit Pink

You can't tell me she really thought that looked good. Pink is currently in Europe in the middle of her I'm Not Dead tour.

Beyonce at Disney

Beyonce at Disney World in Florida.

Cameron's Dark Hair is Gross

Cameron arrives on the set of the Today show to talk about her upcoming movie, the Holiday. She says she's "always seen the dark, mysterious side of herself." Huh?

Britney NOT with Paris

She looks fairly clean and sober is this photo...and possibly even doing "Mom" errands!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paris and Her Old Best Friend

Paris ditched Brit for Nicole on Tuesday for a Volkswagon unveiling.

Christina at Rockerfeller

Christina Aguilera rehearses for The Rockerfeller tree lighting , which will air on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Taylor Hicks, Sting, and Sarah McLachlan will also perform.

Ok, I Lied

Celebrity Puke has another great photo they posted that I couldn't resist. K-Fed's wallet! Love it!

Britney on US Weekly

This is starting to feel like a Britney Spears site, with all these damn photos of her floating around. I'll change to another subject next, I promise. Parisite and Brit are going to make lots of covers in the next couple of weeks!

No Sweetie....The hose goes in the OTHER Hole

You can certainly see the influence Parisite has had on Britney. Last night Britney was apparently so whacked out on a chemical of some kind (that's my own personal judgement based on the photos), she nearly started pumping gas into the drivers seat of her vehicle.

Luckily, the swarming paparazzi was around to help her out. Look at her watch the hose with fascination once they get it right!!!

I never thought I'd become a K-Fed sympathizer, but she was NEVER like this when she was with him. She was better off living the family life! At this rate, I give the girl less than a decade to stay alive. She's messed up and has an unlimited supply of cash at her disposal. Never a good combination!

Celebrity Puke also has a link to Britney's MySpace page where fans are bashing her!

Slumber Party at Paris' House?

Paris probably just loves seeing Britney all messed up like this. X17 caught Paris supporting a stumbling Britney out of the heiress' house at 6 a.m. Brit's obviously FUBAR, and there's a spilled drink or vomit all over her tacky leggings, if you click the picture to enlarge.

Britney....lady, get it together! K-Fed's gonna win the custody battle at this point! And quite honestly, with the press you're getting, he'd deserve it. There, I've said it. Brit's waaaayyy to far gone to take care of kids. They'd be better off with Kevin and his new girlfriend.

K-Fed's New Girlfriend

Fed-Ex apparently spent Thanksgiving with a new girlfriend, supposedly named Kim, and he even took her to Shar Jackson't to spend the day. Here's the happy couple!

Ashlee Endorses Skechers

The lastest photo shoot of Ashlee's endorsment of Skechers.

Renee Looks Depressed

She's looks like she feels like I do on a day I don't want to get out of bed!

Jessica Biel Parties With Vin Diesel

Who needs Derek Jeter? Jessica Biel and Vin Diesel at holiday party in Santa Monica on Monday.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dirty Daddy Joe Simpson Photographs Jessica

Jessica is filming her latest project Blonde Ambition, and there stands Dirty Daddy Joe with his camera to take pictures of her (mostly likely to sell to the tabloids). Or perhaps for his own personal pleasure.

TomKat's Wedding Album

They certainly weren't shy about handing these out to the press!!

Buy a Bra, Spears!

Her boob is like a pendulum; just swinging back in forth under her her tight tank. It's been 7 nights in row she's been out...for Pete's sake go home and spend some time with your children!

She's either totally hammered or got into Lindsay's stash.

Christian Slater is Officially Single

Christian Slater and his wife, Ryan Haddon, are now officially divorced. Slater was seeking sole custdoy of the couple's children, but it's not known at this time if it was resolved. They've been separated since January of 2005, so it's been a long time coming!

Matt Lauer Has a New Baby Boy!

Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette had a boy they named Thijs (pronounced Tice) today! The name is Dutch, after Annette's heritage. This is their third child.

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora

They were out for dinner on Saturday night. They've been together for 7 months already!

Mary Kate and Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley arrive on the set of the Today show.

It's Just a Movie!

No, Reese Witherspoon hasn't been hiding a pregnancy. She's on the set of her latest movie, the thriller Rendition.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Three Stooges

Parenting Tips from Britney Spears:

5. Divorce your children's father, then write a tell-all book about your marriage; trash their father as much as possible; it'll make for a good bedtime stories.

4. Abandon your children as soon as divorce papers are filed and run to Vegas to party with the Saved by the Bell guy. Don't let your two young sons see you moping about the house. Whoring around Vegas is an effective way to show them Mommy is doing just fine.

3. Wear short slutty clothes that show off your post-baby belly and make sure you score a good crotch shot at some point during the evening. Get the photo from one of the zillion media outlets that had it by the next day and hold it as a keepsake. It's one the grandchildren will enjoy someday.

2. Become the best of friends with a dumb, rich blonde who's never worked a day in her life. Children relate to a self-absorbed , pot-smoking, vodka-swilling imbecile who vomits at the sound of her own voice. Even she knows how to install a car seat, and she'll show you how...once those DWI charges are cleared.

1. Add an wrist-slicing, overdosing blow addict to your circle of friends. Take more time away from the kids and go out partying with with your posse of trash. Wear a dress that will expose your ample ass to the 20 camera's following your every move. After you wake up the next afternoon, show your children the photos so they can feel like a part of your life.

Yep, Lindsay Lohan has joined the crew.