Monday, November 20, 2006

Britney trades Kevin for a different scumbag...

Mario Lopez wasn't the only person Britney was partying with in Vegas. Ms. Spears was seen partying it up with Paris Hiton in Vegas.

Tell me...with an impending divorce to a guy who's going to try to paint you as a bad mother, would you seriously hang out with trash like Paris Hilton? TMZ even has a photo of Britney smoking pantless.

I would think with an ugly divorce to look forward to, you'd stay home with the kids and prove Fed-Ex's accusations to be false. Hanging with Paris, gambling, and smoking bare-assed in a party town like Vegas isn't an intelligent strategy.

Of course, one must consider who she's up against. A broke thug with several kids from different mothers isn't the poster child for custody of the kiddies, either.


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