Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Britney Shops Target; Belongs at Wal-Mart

Over-bleached hair, tight shirt with no bra, preggo-looking belly, heater in hand, and blood red lips. Looks like a Wal-Mart customer to me!


Britney Takes Cover

Britney felt a sudden urge to be discreet as she was caught leaving the bathroom of a gas station while on a quick pit stop from a road trip with Isaac Cohen. Apparently not willing to repeat the humiliation of having her body parts and crevices splattered over every media source imaginable, Britney primly covered her bra-less boobs, which were prominent in her sheer shirt.

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Pete Doherty Shoots Up

And then again! Drunken Stepfather has the video! Something that's actually not disturbing about it? It looks like the video originated from Sun and they bill it as an anti-drug PSA!!! They even have a number you can call for help on the screen!

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Over-Exposed to Paris Exposed

I'm Paris Hiltoned OUT!!!! For more on Paris Hilton Exposed, visit these fine blogs:

Paris Sues Over - The Bosh

What's all at - Didn't You Hear?

The "I Got Fucked in the Butt for Coke" Video - The Rad Report

She's a Racist Too - All Beautiful Women

Video: Paris Tokes on a Doobie - Ninja Dude

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spears Goes Dark Again

She looks cute and pretty in the first photo, but in the second one the hair is back to greasy, trademark Britney. Apparently she was out with Issac Cohen, left his house at 2 a.m. with little Jayden James. Hmmmm...

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Did Sienna Leave Her Pants in Diddy's Car?

Or just giving easy access for the next lucky guy?

Read about Sienna and Diddy

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Here She Cums...It's Miss America

Perhaps that would be a more appropriate theme for the pageant, since the Katie Rees photo scandal. Not to mention the Miss New Jersey kerfuffle and the clamor over Tara Conner's boozin' problem, in the USA competition.

Miss Oklahoma Lauren Nelson was named Miss America at last night's pageant. Now that the integrity of the crown has been compromised, she has a serious task ahead of her. No men, no booze, no lesbian photos. Can she avoid a scandal on the runway, or will she fall victim to the royal curse?

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Brandy's Got the Big Guns After Her!

And by "big guns" I mean a lawyer! It's never good when they get involved! TMZ is reporting that the parent's of the woman who was killed in the car crash are suing her for $50 million dollars. They're seeking both punitive and compensatory damages.

I'll get put through the ringer for this, but I don't care. Unless she actually meant for this to happen, there should be no reason to sue!!! While I don't think a daughter dying is by any means frivolous, it is a frivolous lawsuit! Accidents do happen. And unfortunately for this woman's parents, and for Brandy, this one had serious results. But will money bring their daughter back? No.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Christina Ricci in Italian Vogue

Cool photos! From Jen's Juice.

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Straight From the Horse's Mouth...

Actually, it's the other sister that looks more like the offspring of Mr. Ed, but all in the family, right? No need to quote her on this one! Photo from Allie is Wired.

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Little Harry Potter Naked - With A Horse!!!

I just don't want to think of Harry Potter (real name: Daniel Radcliffe) naked. It just has a child pornography feel or something. Ish. He's starring in a production in London called Equs, and he has to get naked for the part. He's sort of pasty.

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New Site!!!

The Hollyweird Gazette will be moving soon! Among other things, I've tired with the problems I've had with blogger! Keep checking back for the new site!

E-mail me any suggestions, photos, etc. to!!!


Is Sienna Playing With Diddy's Diddy?

P.-Combs- Puffy-Diddy-Daddy-Sean -or whatever his name is today-was caught dropping Sienna Miller off at her hotel in New York City the morning after they apparently spent the night partying together. The photo is supposedly from the Sundance Film Festival, where they were supposedly getting cozy with each other.

Watch the video here.
He creeps me out. It's not natural for a person to have an ego of that proportion. Why stay home feeding the brand new babies why you can pour booze down Sienna's throat and ogle Jessica Biel?

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Miss Nevada Strikes a More Flattering Pose

Miss Nevada Katie Rees didn't let a few pesky photos keep her from her partying ways. She just kept it a little more tasteful! TMZ reports that Katie was spotted livin' it up at at Body English and the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas at 3:45 a.m. with a whole posse of friends.

For a plethora of other Miss Nevada shots, check out my blogging partners, Right Celebrity!

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Brandy's Accident Woes

It sounds like Brandy will be prosecuted for her accident that involved a fatality! The California Highway Patrol is recommending she be charged with a misdemenor or vehicular manslaughter. Apparently, she was speeding and they consider her at fault. She's facing a year in the L.A. County jail and a $1,000 fine.

I feel bad for her. We all speed, she was just unlucky. I'm sure she feels horrible about the fatality.
TMZ has more!

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What's in Paris' Medicine Cabinet?

Paris kept anything and everything that could be used against her in that storage shed! And we're finding out she's a walking pharmacy! Prescriptions for Ambien, Xanax, Vicodin, and Valtrex (the herpes rumors appear to be true)! There is also a document floating around for a misscarriage Paris apparently had, but was treated under the name of Amber. This was in 2003.

I started to feel sort of bad for her at one point. No one wants their medical history and personal demons to haunt the internet for months...but on the other hand...if you're moronic enough to take hundreds of photos smoking pot, rolling a guy in blow, some while get what you got coming! That's the one bill she should have made sure she paid every month! $200 to Paris is like a nickel's deduction from my paycheck! Like she'd notice the absence of the money!

When you get prescriptions, do you keep them for years and store them in a special area? I keep mine for a little while where I store my financial records, or if it's something hard to remember, I may keep it on hand in case I need it again someday. But if it was my herpe medication? I don't think I'd forget I had herpes, and with all the Valtrex commercials, you can't possibly forget what medication you need!

Keep checking back for Paris Diary Entries! Lots of them to come!

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Eva Mendes in Maxim!!!

Wipe the drool off your chin!

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The SAG Awards!

Heather Graham

Katherine Heigl

Leonardo DeCaprio

Terri Hatcher

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were held last night. Right Celebrity has everything you need to know, including winners and oodles from the red carpet. Click here to see who won. For red carpet photos, click here. For photos of the winners, click here. And for more photos from the red carpet, go here.

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Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on the Set

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are teaming up for another movie after How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Photo from ,'>Miz Monica Monroe.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome to New Orleans, Y'all!

Brad and Angelina recently moved their quickly-growing brood into this $3.5 million cozy dwelling in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They could further their humanitarian cause by housing some of the Katrina refugees that Houston wants to send home - they have the room.

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Sienna Miller on Jay Leno

Sienna Miller took her foot out of her mouth long enough to play a game with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. The two tried to see who could fit more grapes in their mouths. Leno shoved in 31, while Sienna made a poor showing with only 14.

As for the icky thumb...I know nothing about that. Photos from Pink Reniassance.

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