Monday, January 29, 2007

What's in Paris' Medicine Cabinet?

Paris kept anything and everything that could be used against her in that storage shed! And we're finding out she's a walking pharmacy! Prescriptions for Ambien, Xanax, Vicodin, and Valtrex (the herpes rumors appear to be true)! There is also a document floating around for a misscarriage Paris apparently had, but was treated under the name of Amber. This was in 2003.

I started to feel sort of bad for her at one point. No one wants their medical history and personal demons to haunt the internet for months...but on the other hand...if you're moronic enough to take hundreds of photos smoking pot, rolling a guy in blow, some while get what you got coming! That's the one bill she should have made sure she paid every month! $200 to Paris is like a nickel's deduction from my paycheck! Like she'd notice the absence of the money!

When you get prescriptions, do you keep them for years and store them in a special area? I keep mine for a little while where I store my financial records, or if it's something hard to remember, I may keep it on hand in case I need it again someday. But if it was my herpe medication? I don't think I'd forget I had herpes, and with all the Valtrex commercials, you can't possibly forget what medication you need!

Keep checking back for Paris Diary Entries! Lots of them to come!

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