Thursday, December 28, 2006

Various Tara Reid Bikini Shots

I apologize for my previous statement that Tara Reid looks better these days. I think these pictures speak volumes about my faux pas.

Paris' Public Shower Scene

I wish this scene could end like the shower scene in Pyscho, but it looks like Parisite escaped unscathed. Paris and her pal Kim Kardashian were over in Austraila hanging out on Bondi Beach, and she decided to give a show...the Hilton family has got to be pround having her as a prominent member of their family! Thanks to Hollywood Tuna for the photos!

90210 Reunion

Well, not really a show reunion or anything! Just Brandon and Dylan (a.k.a. Jason Priestly and Luke Perry) meeting up in...where else?? Beverly Hills! Photo from TMZ!

Britney Wants a New Reputation for 2007

After spending the final months of 2006 partying a showing off her crotch to millions, Britney Spears and her crew must have decided she needed a facelift for 2007.

A "source" says that Britney has fallen for a 4-year-old boy named Wang, from Balli, who lost his entire family in the 2004 tsunami. The "source" goes on to explain that the tsunami disaster was "very close to Britney's heart" and she's "dedicated a lot of her time to it's charities."

What else does Brit have to do with her time? Party with Paris? Show off her cooter? She's sponsoring Wang right now, until she can find out more about adopting him.

Adopting him? ANOTHER child, when you don't even spend time with the kids you have, Britney? She's trying look like the Angelina Jolie humanitarian, and it doesn't fit her!

Poor little Wang! If the adoption process is successful, he'll have lots of money...but he'll have to watch his new Mommy table-dance at his welcome party, or sit home with K-Fed's spawn will mommma goes out on a vomitting good jag!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Even Trolls Love Rock n' Roll

Shouldn't Mary-Kate Olsen be hiding under a bridge somewhere? The Debbie Harry hair and the Marilyn Manson-inspired attire and not meshing well together. Her scarf has skeleton's on it...self portrait accessories, or what?

Holidays in Hollyweird

Keith and Nicole reunited for the Christmas season in Sydney. Keith looks like he's jonsin' for a cocktail.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Holiday Spirit

Hugetits took some time out this Christmas to serve food at the Mission of L.A. Always good to see a celebrity donating time to a good cause! From Celebrity Smack.

Christina and Jordan on X-mas Eve

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordon out and about on Christmas Eve. I dig the red bag...matches her face cake! Photos courtesy of Celebrity Smack!

Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown: Not Feelin' So Good Today

The legendary James Brown (a.ka. The Godfather of Soul) died early this morning at age 73 while battling pneumonia!

What a shocker...I hadn't even heard he was sick, and he was apparently looking forward to performing on New Year's Eve. He was one of the first ever inductees to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, along with the likes of Elvis and Chuck Berry.

RIP James!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tara Goes Shopping

The last few pictures I've seen of her, she's actually looking pretty nice. Boobs are tucked in, she's smiling, sober...or appears to be.

Katie Holmes Shopping

Out of Sight Media caught Katie Holmes shopping at Marc Jacobs on Melrose Avenue. She looks like she'd like to pounce of the photographer.

Really! What the HELL Were They Thinking?!

City Rag has lots of links to some great photos of celebrities looking like shit...and making us common trash feel better about ourselves!

Beyonce on The Late Show

She always looks so good, it makes me sick.

Kate Winslet in/on Vanity Fair

The December issue of Vanity Fair. Lookin' good!

Brooke Hogan's Latest Schnazzy Looks

She's totally trying to be Britney as Britney was before we found out she is really just white trash with money. The outfits, the's a Brit rip-off.

Pierce Brosnon or Nick Nolte?

Yep, it's Pierce! He used to be the sexiest of older men...and now he looks like Nick Nolte's mug shot! I'll make a comparison pic when I get home! From Burnt City.

The New, Improved, Single Reese Goes Shopping

Reese Witherspoon with spend her first Christmas without Ryan! At least she can afford to shop...that would make things easier on me!

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

I don't know if that saying is technically supposed to apply to sisters, but she seems to be catching on to Britney's unique way of getting attention. Lindsay Lohan's sister is starting to garner some attention as well. Can't we start pulling from new gene pools to get famous people? Britney and Lindsay serve up all the Spears and Lohan I can stand!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zeppelin & Others to Wolfgang's Vault: Squeeze My Lemon, A-hole!

Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead Productions, Carlos Santana, and the Doors have filed a lawsuit against a San Francisco man named William Sagan, who operates a website selling reproduced concert memorabilia items and copies of the fradulent items.

Sagan accquired all this cool shit by purchasing the assets of the late great concert promoter Bill Graham, and it was never licensed for sale. He's also streaming allegedly illegal recordings of live concerts, and offering "licenses" to people for the recordings.

Dumb ass. You pissed off FOUR legendary bands, and Morrison, Bonham, and Garcia are probably scowling down at you too. I hope Bonham chokes back up his own vomit, and pukes it on you.

It's a Bad Week for the Cartoon Business

First Joseph Barbera, now Chris Hayward, a writer of Rocky and Bullwinkle. He died last month. No one knew...poor man probably thought he left his mark on the world, and no one cared until a month later. He was 81...died of cancer. There will be a third. It ALWAYS happens in three's. I'm speculating that it will be the Sally Forth creator next. Or perhaps that's wishful thinking...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to Posting!

Sorry for the lack of posts!! A family member passed away, so I flew home to Minnesota to spend the week with my family and friends!

I will be back to posting tomorrow! Thanks for continuing to check in!

If you happen to ever make it to Minneapolis, stop at Lee's Liquor Lounge! I've been there many times, but last night they had their annual Christmas party with Trailer Trash performing...and I've never been to such a crazy, strange, and awesomely fun event!

Monday, December 11, 2006

MATTHEW!!! Is that a MULLET??!!!!

The first thing that flashed into my mind when I saw this was that Fabio curled his hair!

Then, to my utter shock and dismay, I read Matthew McConaughey's name on the caption! Oh, the horror! What has he done to himself?

He's promoting a film called We Are Marshall in New York...and apparently, he just lost the weight he put on while filming...I can't even look...all that's missing is the Hypercolor t-shirt, and white high-tops...untied. He's even wearing the tube socks.

I need support! Time to visit!!!!

Courtney's New Show

Jennifer Aniston showed up to the premiere for Courtney Cox's new FX show Dirt. She looks all buddy-buddy, but I'm sure she seething inside now that one of the other "friends" has a promising future, and that her last movie, The Break Up, was a steaming pile of shit. Even more boring and horrible than her wardrobe.

Does she try to look dull? Perhaps the reason Pitt left her was because she was a drab and mundane as her fashion choices. Courtney's dress is killer, with a bang!

Kate and Ryder in Sydney

Kate's over in Austrailia, filming Fool's Gold, and apparantly has had 2-year-old son Ryder with her. They're just heading out at the airport.

No two colors look more blah to me than brown and gray together!!! I love brown...but that outfit irritates me!

Nicole's Mug - Nearly 10% of Her Body Weight!!!

Everyone's most likely heard about Nicole Richie's recent DUI arrest. She was out driving at 4:50 this morning, and got picked up for driving the wrong way down the freeway in Burbank. That's number 134, for those of you who drive it.

She actually was not drinking, which was determined after a preliminary screening, but she did admit to taking Vicodin and smoked weed...and she was on her cell phone at the time she got pulled over by the fuzz.

When she was booked, they took her weight and height of course. She checked in at 5'1 and 85 lbs.

Which got me to thinking...if the average human head really weighs eight pounds, as per the Jerry McGuire trivia...consider this calculation:

8 pounds is 6.8% of Nicole body weight. Round that number off to the nearest whole number (7 pounds), and you've got Nicole's head equaling nearly 10 percent of her body weight!!! Frightning!!!!

I'm horrible at math...but I think I got this one right!!!