Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zeppelin & Others to Wolfgang's Vault: Squeeze My Lemon, A-hole!

Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead Productions, Carlos Santana, and the Doors have filed a lawsuit against a San Francisco man named William Sagan, who operates a website selling reproduced concert memorabilia items and copies of the fradulent items.

Sagan accquired all this cool shit by purchasing the assets of the late great concert promoter Bill Graham, and it was never licensed for sale. He's also streaming allegedly illegal recordings of live concerts, and offering "licenses" to people for the recordings.

Dumb ass. You pissed off FOUR legendary bands, and Morrison, Bonham, and Garcia are probably scowling down at you too. I hope Bonham chokes back up his own vomit, and pukes it on you.


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