Monday, December 11, 2006

Nicole's Mug - Nearly 10% of Her Body Weight!!!

Everyone's most likely heard about Nicole Richie's recent DUI arrest. She was out driving at 4:50 this morning, and got picked up for driving the wrong way down the freeway in Burbank. That's number 134, for those of you who drive it.

She actually was not drinking, which was determined after a preliminary screening, but she did admit to taking Vicodin and smoked weed...and she was on her cell phone at the time she got pulled over by the fuzz.

When she was booked, they took her weight and height of course. She checked in at 5'1 and 85 lbs.

Which got me to thinking...if the average human head really weighs eight pounds, as per the Jerry McGuire trivia...consider this calculation:

8 pounds is 6.8% of Nicole body weight. Round that number off to the nearest whole number (7 pounds), and you've got Nicole's head equaling nearly 10 percent of her body weight!!! Frightning!!!!

I'm horrible at math...but I think I got this one right!!!


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