Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Sweetie....The hose goes in the OTHER Hole

You can certainly see the influence Parisite has had on Britney. Last night Britney was apparently so whacked out on a chemical of some kind (that's my own personal judgement based on the photos), she nearly started pumping gas into the drivers seat of her vehicle.

Luckily, the swarming paparazzi was around to help her out. Look at her watch the hose with fascination once they get it right!!!

I never thought I'd become a K-Fed sympathizer, but she was NEVER like this when she was with him. She was better off living the family life! At this rate, I give the girl less than a decade to stay alive. She's messed up and has an unlimited supply of cash at her disposal. Never a good combination!

Celebrity Puke also has a link to Britney's MySpace page where fans are bashing her!


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