Saturday, October 28, 2006

Jessica Promises a Performance at Dollyweird

Make room at Dollywood for two big-breasted blondes. Dolly Parton is thrilled to have Jessica Simpson's promise to perform in her Pigeon Forge theme park. Dolly says she a huge Jessica fan, and is planning a blockbuster concert for her at Dollywood. She say's:

"Jessica is going to come up to Dollywood, and we're going to do something real soon."

According to Dolly, Jessica's talent is too often overlooked...just as she was when she was starting out. She says,
"All they see is this great-looking blonde girl, but she's got a great voice - and the heartache and pain to throw into the songs."

Well, if Jessica starts doing some real music, and ditches the pop fluff, I'll start listening. But Dolly seems to think they have similarities. For someone else Dolly is frightingly similar to, click here.


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