Friday, October 27, 2006

Lindsay? Paris? Tara? Pop Quiz!

Q: You see a picture of a young celebrity slumped in the back of a leather-clad interior of a car. She's three sheets to the wind, hair hanging limply over her face. She sitting in a rather vulgar position, and her underwear are peeking out from underneath her little skirt. Unfortunatley for this little lush, the paparazzi are watching and taking photos. Who was caught in this revealing position? (Photo below)

A) Paris Hilton
B) Tara Reid
C) Lindsay Lohan
D) None of the Above

Answer: D

So who's crotch was it? It looks like little newlywed Avril has joined the ranks of Hollyweird party hoochies. I bet her new ball-and-chain is thrilled to have a wifey with her crotch blogged 'round the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's another angle on this picture (another blog) and the woman had shit on herself. Gotta love it - she spits and shits.

9:56 PM  

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