Monday, October 30, 2006

Brad's Getting Too Political

Ever since Brad Pitt started things up with Angelina, he just won't seem to shut his yap. It's either about adopting third-world children, gay marriage, or his latest, anonymity on the set of his latest film, and the anti-American attitude overseas.

Alright, so the anonymity thing isn't that tragic. He was only saying that shooting the movie in the remote Moroccan desert was a relief; it finally made it possible to shed his celebrity status and be a normal person. The village they were in had no electricity, so they ran a line for the film, and he thought it was nice they production could leave the lights there afterward for the people who lived there. I can understand his desire for privacy. And it's great that helping people gives him such satisfaction. It's admirable.

But now he's also babbling about the anti-America is across the globe. A group of...get drunk Dutchmen...threatened to kill him because of his heritage. He almost ran over them with his little bike, and they called him a "fucking American" and said, "we'll fucking kill you." So now Bradley is terribly concerned with the way America is preceived in other countries. He says:
"I'd never come face to face with that before - that turn in the way we are preceived in other countries."
Ummm...I think that's been going on for a looonnnngggg time. It may have something to do with the image projected by hot blonde movie stars with fuck-me blue eyes and rock hard bodies who make zillions of dollars while the rest of the world starves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to stand for something other than just being beautiful. He's growing.

1:38 AM  

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