Saturday, January 20, 2007

The White Oprah Contributes to Daughter's Demise

The paler version of Oprah Winfrey may be the person her daughter's friends come to for advice, but she apparently doesn't know much about Lindsay. Dina says in this video that she's not her daughter's keeper (just her mother), and it's the media who's responsible for Lindsay's screwed up life!

She had to throw in an outside name to ensure people it's not just her family that has problems, so she let it be known that Nick and Jessica's marriage was destroyed by the paparazzi as well.

OK, mother-of-the-year...if you have all of this knowledge and insight of how the media is poison to your daughter's life and other people's marriages, why would you sit down for an interview with a sleazy TV tabloid and spew even more of Lindsay's life to the world?

By the way...everone can tell you're over 40, so you don't have to act coy about it!

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