Monday, January 01, 2007

Jessica Shows Her Face

Jessica Simpson recently decided to crawl out of the woodwork and hit the town with her stylist, Ken Paves. Take a look at some of the adventures they had that night:

Jessica does a breast check.

Jessica hops into the backseat...confused of why she's there...

Jessica shows off the fuck-knots in her hair and her smeared, red caked on lipstick with a coy smile.
Her posse looks up to the heavens, pondering how anyone could possibly be that dense, while Jessica makes a dash to the grocery store to find out once and for all what that Chicken of the Sea really is.

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Anonymous yardgraffiti said...

Her with that red lipstick does not sit well with me. Wasn't Ken Paves the same guy who did her hair at the Dolly Parton tribute?

12:04 PM  

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