Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Overkill Links

Have you heard that Posh and Beckham are moving to the U.S.? Or that Britney is a horrible mother? Betcha didn't know that Lindsay Lohan went to rehab! And guess what? Paris Hilton is a moron. An absolute imbecile.

What?!!! You already knew? Could it be because the same 4 topics have been dominating the gossip network for weeks? I, quite frankly, need a break from these subjects. I will, however, kindly link you to other blogs that are covering those topics.

Smells Like Posh and Beckham - Glitterati Gossip
Paris on Probabtion - The Bosh
Britney Goes Mad - Miz Monica Monroe
Posh and Beckham Get Waxxed - DListed
FedEx Delivers His Opinion - Celebitchy
Paris' Privates - Celebrity Mound
No One Get's Out of Rehab Alive - Celeb Update

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