Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Latest Medical Issue

Lindsay Lohan has undergone yet another medical procedure! TMZ reports that Lindsay had surgery to remove her appendix! Her publicist said that Lindsay was feeling under the weather yesterday so the doctor removed it as a "precautionary measure"

She has so many ailments, I'm starting to wonder if someone in her family is trying to slowly knock her off for the insurance check. Ya know...a little dose of arsenic in the food/blow every day. Which gets me to thinking...

If I went to the hospital as many times as Lindsay Lohan did, my medical insurance would have dropped me by now. Even putting aside her emergency surgeries and bouts of "exhaustion", the girl is high risk. Smoker, blow addict, alcoholic, cutter...those all raise the rates a bit! And we can't forget the multiple car accidents! I would expect those have caused a fews trips to the ER. And higher auto insurance too!

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