Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Britney in Spin Dry?

Britney's new year resolution was to "take better care" of herself and to "stop biting" her nails. Well, she's either trying to live up to her "goals" for 2007, or she's realized she's being a spaced-out, drunken tramp, and has decided to go to rehab!!!

Britney has apparently checked herself in to a "spa" in Arizona called "Sanctuary" for a little R&R...and she did it quietly, causing speculation that it's really for treatment!

Rehab facilities are always named something like "Promises", "Oak Knolls", "Shady Hills"...or "Sanctuary."

She obviously has the sickness. Perhaps her new friend Lindsay is helping her with "the program."

Read the complete story by clicking here.

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