Friday, November 17, 2006

Kimberly Stewart: Officially a Lush

Kimberly Stewart, the 27-year-old daughter of Rod Stewart, is a bonnified booze hound. The nights of sippin' back grandpa's old cough medicine with Lindsay Lohan has taken it's toll, and now Kimberly has ended up with a Jack Daniels-soaked diseased liver .

Rod was interviewed by Rolling Stone, and told the magazine that Kimberly "discovered she had a very serious liver illness from drinking too much."

The schweilin' appears to have killed several of Kimberly's brain cells as well, because she told Rod because she's half-Scottish, she "thought she was allowed to drink a lot."

That's logic only a raging alcoholic could make up. Kimberly claims to be seeing a liver specialist, and has apparently stopped drinking and smoking three months ago. Could this have been the reason Lindsay was seen sporting a 90-day sobriety medallion?

On a side note to Rod - guess buying Kimmy that set of tits didn't improve her self-esteem as much as you thought.


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