Tuesday, November 14, 2006

LeAnn Also Resents Carrie Underwood

LeAnn Rimes may be hiding under the guise of sticking up for Faith Hill's reaction to Carrie Underwood's Female Vocalist award victory, but it's obvious she's also resentful of Carrie's success. On her website, Leann writes:
"Okay, I usually keep quiet on topics like this, but I feel I need to stand up for my friend, Faith."
"She was just being honest and emotional like every other person sitting at home with an opinion. These awards shows are so political and we all get fed up with them. We all work very hard and have for many years so to see someone come in and win Female Vocalist that has been here for a very short time, is a little disheartening."
"She probably felt, as I did, that Carrie has not paid her dues long enough to fully deserve that award."
"As artists and public figures, we have to keep our feelings so repressed so we don't get called ungrateful. Please cut her some slack!"
Wasn't Faith denying the accusations that she was jealous; maintaining that she was joking??? In which case, LeAnn isn't sticking up for her "friend Faith Hill" but using her as a reason to lash out at Carrie herself.

Carrie - you go kick some catty country ass, girl. From Gabsmash.


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