Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Reason to Hate "The Notebook"

Blame pinky Rachel McAdams and her movie The Notebook for the breakup of Nick Lachey and the darker-but-not-brighter Jessica Simpson. Jess interviewed with Elle magazine for the March issue, and said that there was still hope for their marriage up until a couple of days before they announced their split. Here's the cover:

Unfortunately, that glimmer of hope couldn't compete with The Notebook. Jessica says she saw the movie on a plane ride en route to her grandparents home in Waco, and she says it was not the movie itself that changed her mind, but that she'd figured out the film's "statement." Which apparently was about a moment of desperation and something about breathing, if Jessica's comprehension is sharp. Hmmm.

I fell asleep before the end, so I can't clarify, but wouldn't it be unfortunate if her assessment of the movie's theme was as off as her "buffalo wing" theory? Nick is probably the only man alive that loves that movie!

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