Saturday, January 06, 2007

An Open Letter From Christina to Britney

Dear Britney,
Because of your recent problems with pictures of an unladylike nature floating around the internet, I thought I would send you this photo journal of the proper way to get out of a vehicle. Note in the first picture that I've crossed my legs and pulled my dress down to the knee area. (Note: It's effective to start with a dress that doesn't show your coochie standing up.)
In the second two photos, you'll notice I lean forward, and pull one knee in and slightly cross my legs instead of spreading them wide open, which leads to the money shot. I can then emerge completely from the vehicle without exposing my flower to the world.
Feel free to reference these photos any time you feel the need for a refresher course. I hope you'll contact me if you need personal coaching on this art.
Christina Aguilera
P.S. Remember...legs together! A lady reveals nothing!

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