Friday, January 05, 2007

The Custody Battle: Round One

Britney and Kevin have agreed on a custody arrangemnt concerning sons Sean P. Jayden James, but it's only through the month of January.

Brit gets the custody for a large portion of the time, and K-Fed will be allowed to see the boys three times a week for four hours betwee the 12th and the 31st.
They also agreed that the only - only - people allowed at Fed-Ex's visitation's will be Britney, K-Fed, a nanny, Brit's personal assistant, and household staff. That's it?

And Britney's allowed to take the kiddies to Miami for a week (starting today). I thought K-Fed was an inbecile, but I can't believe that Britney's behavior warrants full-time custody. Especially when she's not ever with them. If she's going to go out partying, why shouldn't Fed-Ex get to see the kids?

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