Friday, January 12, 2007

Britney Extends Goodwill Incorrectly

Britney is on a quest to look generous to the world! She finally took some time off partying to spend some time with her son, Sean P. (the generousity did not extend to little Jayden), and also to spread happiness around the a skewed sort of way.

Britney dropped $3,200 on a rat-lookin', ankle-biting Chihuahua in Bel Air, and later on suprised a homeless man by pulling over and handing him $300, telling him, "Good luck and happy new year!"

If Britney would of thought this through, she could have made this a much more generous contribution to society. She should have left the kid at home, away from the cameras and the press - also not making Jayden feel bad for being left behind - suprised her neglected children with a two doggies she saved from euthanization at a normal shelter for only $300, then handed off $3,200 to the homeless man, giving him an opportunity to buy clothes for a job interview, rent a cheap apartment, or purchase a car...something to kickstart and change his life.


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