Monday, November 06, 2006

Britney's New Dwelling

Rumor has it that Britney has packed up herself and the kids and taken up residence at the Four Season's Hotel in L.A. According to rumors, Britney and Kevin had a tiff that started to get out of control when Kevin started throwing furniture around and putting his fist through walls. Britney supposedly made a jab at Kevin about his recent appearance on the wrestling show WWE.

A "source" says that,
"Britney's laughing set Kevin off and he went wild. It was like he had weeks of pent up hostility in him, and all it took was one little comment to lite the powder keg. He started screaming at her, smashing things and hitting the walls. Britney's seen him crazy, but she's never seen him like this and she's never been so fearful for her physical safety. He's gotten violent and it's getting worse with each temper tantrum. He hasn't hit Britney or the kids, but after seeing the rage he's carrying around it could happen next."

Perhaps some of his inner rage is a result of his sharks dying. From Glitterati Gossip.

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