Friday, October 13, 2006

What the f*ck is this kid's name already?

Sutton Pierce Federline may not even exist. You may remember in September after Britney popped out baby boy #2, the Spears camp refused to cofirm the name. K-Fed was in Seattle interviewing with Jackie and Bender on October 12th, and still wouldn't confirm the name. Here's a snippet of the conversation:

Jackie: There’s rumors that Sutton is not a boy. Have you heard that?
Only from my friends, cause I haven’t told them so I haven’t told them anything and my wife hasn’t spoken to anybody about anything, so…

Cause word has it that she’ll reveal the news the week your cd drops.

Um, I don’t know, that might be all rumors too.

Jackie: Isn’t that strange when you hear that, when you have a child and people tell you the sex is a different one.
Yeah it’s crazy. Well it’s even crazier when people are telling me my child’s name.

Bender: Oh so Sutton is not the baby’s name—
Kevin: Oh yeah there you go.

Britney is being pretty crafty with the blood-thirsty public on this one, hasn't she? The kid could actually be a boy and named Sutton Pierce. We really don't know for sure. We have nothing concrete.

I think they're keeping this kid under wraps to keep the press interested while Britney works out like a madwoman, getting in shape for this big comeback we've all heard about. That's just my opinion.


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