Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Think She's Still Bitter Over Having Just One Leg...

Hop-along Heather Mills McCartney isn't getting nasty only with beloved ex-Beatle Paul McCartney; she's now suing two newspapers over "false, damaging and immensely upsetting" stories regarding her divorce to Paul McCartney. Suit's having been filed against the Daily Mail and London's Evening Standard. You can also expect to see a suit against the Sun.

Last week, the Daily Mail peppered their front page with what appeared to be legal papers drafted by Heather's lawyer against Paul that alleged drug use, drunkenness, callousness about Heather's missing limb, indifference to her pain, and assualt with a broken wine glass???!!!!

I remember when they were married and People magazine received a barrage of mail from readers ripping on Heather Mills calling her a gold digger, and threatening to kick her ass if she ever hurt Paul. Yep, this former Beatle can still bring the ladies to their knees. Heather should be careful...a herd of Paul's loyal female fans could hunt her down and rip off her prosthetic leg and beat her bloody with it. I could see it happening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an ugly pig. In addition to trying to get all of his money, she wants to bury his reputation in a vat of shit. Fucking Davey Jones bitch.

10:12 PM  

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