Monday, February 05, 2007

Ben Affleck Lays Off the Heaters

I was supposed to attempt to quit smoking today, and it was a miserable attempt. So I should have known I'd come across something to rub in my failure.

Anyhow, Ben Affleck quit smoking after playing a chain smoker in his new movie Smokin' Aces. He says he smoked nearly 5 packs a day while filming, and he was so sick of smoking by the end that he quit altogether.

Think of the lung cookies you'd be hackin' up after smoking 5 packs a day! I once got up to 2 packs a day. And what was in my lungs was horror enough to make me cut way down again! I can't even fathom what 3 more packs a day might have done! Female First has more of the details that I can't see through the haze of my Camel Light!

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