Monday, January 15, 2007

Britney Spends More Than I Make in a Year in One Night

Hold on to those memories of Britney playing in the park with little Sean Preston...Britney was likely doing pre-damage control for what's to come. Miss Brit has hit the party scene once again, this time with her new freeloader, Isaac Cohen. The two spent a night in Vegas, staying at a $40,000 suite at The Palms, danced and smoked the night away at a gay club called the Strip. That was Saturday.

Sunday the two hit the Coyote Ugly bar, where Britney performed her ususal dance atop the bar. Cohen, no match for Brit's boozing, went to bed, but Britney went to the scene of her New Year's debacle, drank Dom Perignon, and danced to music by Madonna and...herself until 3 a.m. (proably thinking of how it used to be).



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