Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Uncomfortable Moment Brought To You By Tom Cruise

If this girl had any sense she'd have promptly placed that paper bag over her head, before Daddy realized how much he loved her and bolted to the highest bleacher to announce it to the world!

Isabella looks like a girl giving a bad date a pity kiss. I'm almost expecting to hear a noise of disgust sneak out. Of course the chokehold Tom has her in may be preventing any repulsed noises. She's a little bigger than him, though, so she shouldn't have a problem get out of it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're an ass
first, she is on the step, he is not that's why
secondly he loves her, it's normal, she is his daughter

and finally it's more than one year old pic

get a life moron

12:56 AM  
Anonymous McCain said...

anonymous, are you actually suggesting that we shouldn't alert the police? You must be one of the NAMBA members. Wierdo!

1:08 AM  

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