Sunday, November 26, 2006

No Doubt They'll Take Her Back

Gwen Stefani doesn't want to be on her own anymore when it comes to her career. The singer has decided that she wants to put her solo career on hold for awhile, and reunite with No Doubt to make an album. Actually, she's ready to ditch the solo act completely. Gwen says,
"I don't think I'll make another solo album. I can't predict anything, but I don't plan on making one of these solo dance project records, I definitely feel myself going back to No Doubt after this to do a new album."
Good. I actually liked her when she was with No Doubt. Does anyone know what type of relations she left with No Doubt? Maybe they don't want her back, and she'll be resigned to making cheesy dance music the rest of her life. She hasn't made an album with them since 2001...maybe they're enjoying immense success without her...or maybe not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God! I hope she can go back with out making No Doubt sound like the pop music she has been making.

4:55 AM  

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