Monday, January 08, 2007

What's That Fishy Smell?

Does Britney have her legs open again?

My mistake! She's actually boating with a "friend" in Santa Monica! Another new guy Britney? The pair swilled down brews and had a few smokes as the chilled out on the waves. Wonder who this guy is?
Where are her poor kids...EVER??? I thought she was supposed to be in Orlando with them!
I am actually starting to feel genuine pity for her. She's so messed up. Highly successful people (which she was at one time) generally have very sad and lonely lives, and end up dying on a toilet or with a needle in their arm...and young.
Anyone wanna go for a Brit dead poll? How much longer do you give her if she keeps this pace up, y'all?
You can see lots and lots more pictures by clicking here!



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