Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scandal On the Runway

The second scandal on Season 3 of Bravo's Project Runway! Laura, the sassy redhead, who's expecting her sixth child, has accused Jeffrey, the arrogant ass with horrible taste in clothing, of cheating on his final collection.

Why, you demand to know? Laura is convinced Jeffrey obtained outside help to stitch his designs together.

Laura is basing her accusations on news she heard from her mother, who had become close with Jeffrey's mother after the show finished the final episode before Fashion Week.

Tim Gunn, the mentor for the show, had stopped at Jeffrey's home to rate his progress on his collection, and apparently told him he "had a lot of work to do." Then Jeffrey's mother told Laura's mother...picking up on this?

Abbreviated Ending: Laura sees Jeff's collection, can't believe he's finished such a great collection in the short time he has, and calls his ass on it.


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Good drama! This show is more addicing than nicotine, I tell ya!

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