Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lohan Catfight; Lindsay's Latest Trip to the Hospital

There should be a "worst mom award" in Hollywood! According to Page Six, Lindsay Lohan showed up truant at her mother Dina's birthday party dinner. Lindsay overheard loudly telling Dina to "go to hell" before fleeing the restaurant in a huff. When the cake came out, Dina was reportedly in tears.

The New York Post also suggested that Dina is a coke addict. According to the Post, she went to the bathroom about five times and was sniffing a lot.

Don't worry too much about Lindsay, though! She still had a reputation to uphold, and she did, when she went out partying. She managed to hit a Calvin Klein party, and club Bungalow 8.

Then, (wow this girl has more mishaps), Lindsay slipped and fell at a Fashion Week party, fracturing her wrist in two places. Apparantly, she is considering suing Milk Studios, where the incident occurred. She's been in the hospital 114 times...everyone knows she's a klutz!!! Why bother suing when you have her dough!


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